The Real Legacy of Robert Portner

Our great-great-grandfather, Robert Portner (1837 – 1906)  left behind more than a namesake, or even our cherished Pre-Prohibition beer recipes. He also left an actual, pen-to-paper collection of memoirs from his life, for his family.

It was very important to him that his children, children’s children, and generations to come, grow to become able and good human beings.

But what does that mean for us today?

It’s his definition of what makes a good human being that we just can’t seem to shake from our thoughts. Especially as the winter season is so very deep and if you’re like us, we are all actively looking for signs of spring.

Whether it’s in taste of summer hops, or the way that the sun can light up a lager glass.

He writes, “It could be possible that some of you will make mistakes in life and others should help to bring them back to the right way with love and understanding if necessary, with all means.”

That last line that really gets us, you know.

Because the charge of being a good human being in this world, didn’t simply stop at “love and understanding” for our great-great-grandfather. That’s where his capacity for what it means to be in the world seemed to really begin for him.

Knowing this, it makes sense his reason for writing in the first place, “The reason for writing is that my beloved children should know the story of their parents as my only duty in life is to education my children to become able and good human beings – as the other things I wanted to obtain from life, I have reached with full satisfaction.”

We’re really happy to have the opportunity every day to share this legacy with you.

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