Celebrating Brewing History

Beer has been a long cherished beverage with roots dating back thousands of years.  Just like most things, it has changed and developed over the years to become the craft beer that is so loved today.  Populations have even created and worshiped Gods, but today most people celebrate the malt beverage with alcohol themed holidays.

We celebrate brewing history at Portner Brewhouse, as many of our readers know, which is why knowing how brewing has evolved into what it is today is important to us.  When Portner Brewhouse first began its’ initial operations, reconstructing the old family recipes had to occur.  Through old purchase orders, modern equivalent ingredients, and family documents, we were able to come up with the modern recipe that we brew today.  For example, hops are now sourced mostly from the Pacific Northwest, when previously they were grown in upstate New York.

On the technology side, the industrial revolution made brewing and shipping ingredients easier allowing the Robert Portner Brewing Company to grow and expand. Robert Portner himself, is also credited with inventions on new ways to cool beer and railroad cars.  Historically, lagering and shipping could not occur in the Summer due to the warm weather, but with the new inventions, it was no longer a problem.

In addition to resurrecting the old recipes, we are adding our own personal touch to the brewing revolution through the Craft Beer Test Kitchen.  Our program will make larger volume access easier to home brewers.

We are excited to be apart of brewing history, present, and future!







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