Update: Brewing Room Installation (with photos)

The past two days have been an exciting time for us.  The beginning installation of the brewery has begun!

After putting up the walls and laying the floor, the brewing room was ready for us to have our vessels delivered.  The serving tanks, fermenters, and brewing kettles arrived at the site safely via delivery truck and forklift. Fitting them through the doors of the brewpub was accomplished, whether we had to take off pieces of building or maneuver them in like puzzle pieces!

The timeline of the brewing room is essential because it has to be finished early in order to begin brewing. It is important that each beer receives the adequate amount of time to ferment in order to be prepared for opening day.  What’s a proper brewpub without beer?

Once all of the vessels are in place, the room can be sealed up. The tanks are too large to fit through a regularly sized door, so one piece of wall has not been installed to allow for the delivery.  Getting it right the first time is mandatory.

Check out the photos!

I think our construction workers deserve a beer! Prost!


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