Construction Progress: Brewpub Edition

Needless to say, this is an exciting time for us and we would like to share some progress with our faithful followers.  Portner Brewhouse is finally coming into full effect, construction began earlier last month on the West End Alexandria space.


Walls have been laid out and we are almost finished drilling various holes through the cement slab.  The space also now has electricity, something that is difficult to get far without. The true treat? With what was essentially a greenhouse, it now houses large fans to cool everyone off during these hot and humid Summer months.

Soon enough, we will be shutting down S Pickett St to bring in a crane to lift equipment onto the roof.  More importantly, the air conditioning units and the glycol pump for our brewing system. We are using glycol for the process, the fermentation tanks will be jacketed using the food grade antifreeze to maintain proper temperatures, a necessity to achieve a superior and proper product.  Afterwards, brewery tank installation can begin.

Building Wall.jpg

Above, one of the construction workers finishes placing the first wall that will hold electrical panels and also be apart of our future dry storage area.  The worker is parallel to the double doors that open to the parking lot and Dow Ave. Below, is an area floor drain that had to be properly drilled and fitted into place.  Guess where it goes?  The Brewery!

Area Floor Drain .1

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for more blog posts about updates and photos of the construction to be apart of the progress. We hope you are as excited as we are! Keep up with the action other ways by joining our Taste Test Team and getting a first slice of the pie by joining our Mug Club!


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  1. Hi Catherine:

    I am beyond impressed. Wow. When the opening takes place I will have to come from LA. This is big.

    Can we please set up a time to talk. Let me know what works.

    Best and Congratulations


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