This time next year Portner Brewhouse will be in full swing brewing beer and serving up classic Oktoberfest cuisine in Alexandria.  People will be dressing up in their Halloween garb and doing pub crawls until they’ve used up all their scare.

But..what if two of the staples of the holiday are leftover the following day: candy and beer?  Halloween has always been known for candy corn and individually sized packaged candies.  Fall is characterized by pumpkin beer and the cold transition into darker seasonal droughts.  Now if you are thinking what we are thinking, lay back after a hard days November work and pair some of that leftover candy with a nice beer.

Portner Brewhouse’s Flagship Tivoli Cream Ale would pair perfectly with the classic holiday favorite candy corn or the Flagship Portner Porter would really bring out the flavors in a creamy and caramel Milky Way or 3 Musketeers.  But why stop there, a seasonal Oktoberfest would also help washing those Reese’s peanut butter cups down just a little but easier, and if you have any leftover hefeweizens, those would go marvelously with a nice crunchy and caramel Twix.  Even a brown ale with a crunchy snickers bar or a pumpkin ale with a marshmallow peep could also do the sweet trick.

So remember parents, take your children out long enough trick-or-treating that they will not notice a little sugaring skimming off the top of their jack-o-lantern bags.  Childless?  Just remember where the best after Halloween candy sales are, or if you were unable to get one by those sly sugar crazy youngsters.  (Portner Brewhouse also approves spending an evening trying all the above all their new brewpub opening in the Early Summer.)

But don’t worry, next year we will be here to nurse your candy headaches back to health, stat.


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