Top 10 Reasons to Join Us for this Sunday’s PiG-NiC

Portner Brewhouse PiG-NiC 2013
Portner Brewhouse PiG-NiC 2013

#10 Summer’s not over just yet! The first day of Autumn is September 22 so you still have time to enjoy a great backyard bbq.

#9 Make new beer and foodie friends in the neighborhood. Del Ray is a vibrant and exciting area of Alexandria with other local businesses you can check out before and after the PiG-NiC such as Cheesetique and The Dairy Godmother.

#8 Sunday’s weather forecast is beautiful. Sunny with a few clouds, high of 79 degrees and 0% chance of rain according to the fine folks at The Weather Channel.

#7 If you are a member of the Portner Brewhouse Mug Club, bring your beer stein and we will fill her up! Not a member? You can join in advance or at the event. Members receive a Robert Portner Brewing Company inspired beer stein individually handmade entitling you to Portner Brewhouse food and beverage discounts and exclusive events.

#6 Support two local businesses in one great event! Both Truly-Life Eco Gifts and Portner Brewhouse operate in Alexandria so you know that you are strengthening your own community.

#5 Every PiG-NiC guest will receive a FREE product sample from Truly-Life. All of their products are handmade with all-natural ingredients from the US and have biodegradable packaging! Also check out the variety of plants and trees cultivated in garden including live loofahs and the products they are made into.

#4 Submit your vote for best beer of the day. Give your feedback to help make Portner Brewhouse and special guest homebrewer, Aaron Jeanguenat’s beers even better.


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#3 Meet the brewers and team behind Portner Brewhouse. This is the first opportunity to meet the Portner Brewhouse head brewer and learn more about the team’s progress towards opening next year.

#2 FREE Beer Tasting! Try one or all five beers from the selection offered by Portner Brewhouse and Aaron Jeanguenat. You can’t buy these beers in stores; our private events are the only way to be the first to try them. 

#1 Great PiG-NiC Menu including a 100 lb Slow-Roasted Pig We are also using some ingredients sourced directly from the Truly-Life Garden on our menu. All of the accompanying dishes to the handsome pig are vegetarian. Dessert and non-alcoholic beverages included – children and families welcome. Fill your plate until it’s gone.

Hungry? Get your tickets now.

Please note: Tickets must be purchased in advance by 10 pm EDT Friday, September 13th and will not be available at the garden gate.  See you Sunday!

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