How to Celebrate Beer Can Appreciation Day

…with a full can of beer in your hand, of course! Thursday, January 24th is Beer Can Appreciation Day and celebrates the day in 1935 when beer was first sold in cans.

Long Trail Brewing Company Bridgewater Corner, VT
Classic Beer Cans

Beer cans were a great innovation in the beverage industry and provided many advantages over glass bottles. Both light and oxygen are mortal enemies of beer so the opaque aluminium and secure seal solved both problems. Today’s cans include a water-based coating so no metal flavor transfers to the liquid goodness inside. Cans are lightweight, easy to recycle and portable. If you drop a can on the street, it won’t break into sharp pieces as glass can. If glass isn’t allowed somewhere like an outdoor concert venue or the beach (see tip below) – take a can! For all these reasons and more, we invite you to raise a can on Thursday and appreciate the fine vessel carrying the beer you enjoy.

Now we celebrate!

1. Drink from a can A number of craft breweries have embraced cans over glass bottles. To find a brewery selling their beers in cans near you, check out Craft Cans.

2. Make beer can chicken Find an interesting beer and try making your own version of Beer Can Chicken. Here is a recipe to get you started. Just remember:

Q) Why did the chicken cross the road?

A) Because it couldn’t remember where it left its beer

3. Re-purpose a soda can One final way to celebrate the day when warm weather arrives is included in the video below.

Cheers to Beer Can Appreciation Day!

4 thoughts on “How to Celebrate Beer Can Appreciation Day

  1. Wow. Now I have learned something very important and I suspect I will not run into anybody who can pass the test. How many people know about the importance of Jan 24, 1935? Wow, let’s celebrate in 2 years for the 80th birthday of the beer can.

    Again, I love it.


  2. I have recently had the good fortune to obtain a rare oval beer tray from the Robt. Portner Brewery of Alexandria, VA. I don’t know if you have ever seen one. I can send you a photo of it if you give me an email address or snail mail address. It portrays a beer bottle and a view of the original factory. I live in CA so I can’t drop by and show it to you. Just thought you might have never seen one. Cordially, Hamp Miller

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