A Portner Porter

For this edition of The Journey, we’re experimenting with another beer: a robust porter.   This is the second beer we have brewed since we’ve been back in the District.  This process varied from the American Cream Ale in that we had an extra step which consisted of steeping a variety of grains.  These specialty grains consisted of de-bittered black, caramel, and chocolate malts in a cheesecloth sack of steeping goodness.  Mmmhmmm,  can’t you just taste the beer already?


In addition, we also bottled the American Cream Ale, which has to ferment to create that natural carbonation people love.  We’ll let you know how it tastes when it’s finished.  Don’t forget, we will be sampling these brews at our first Taste Test Event.  Announcement and more details about the first taste test event in our next blog post!

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