Sneak Peak: Beer Stein Prototype

When DHL arrives at your door, usually it’s better to answer than just ignore it for the next day. Low and behold, the package that DHL was trying to deliver was the prototype for our beer stein! Had we known the day before, we would have gone running down the stairs!

The stein is modeled after an original Robert Portner Brewing Company stein with a few updates to reflect our re-launch including the company name, trademark shape and size. (The new version has a larger handle and holds more beer.)

Then and now – beer steins

Each stein is handmade by a ceramic artist and numbered on the bottom. We will make them available soon to our Taste Test Team members and will have them on display at our next pre-opening tasting event. Details coming soon and invitations are sent only to Taste Test Team members so don’t forget to join in for the fun.

Please let us know your thoughts and if you would be proud to hoist one of these as a future mug club member. The short video below shows a 360 degree view of the new stein. Prost!

5 thoughts on “Sneak Peak: Beer Stein Prototype

  1. Yes, please make them available as i would like at least 2, thank you very much. Great job your Great Grand dad would be very proud

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